Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & creative for brands, purpose and people.


Scott Moore

The creative solutions I provide have taken many forms over the past 20 years: print, digital, illustration, typography, video, animation, packaging, sculpture, social media content etc. My passion and talents lie in crafting unique design that connects with an audience first, so that it can truly motivate them for the right outcome. My clients range from Fortune 100 companies to small mom-and-pop’s and non-profits.

I earned my BFA in Communication Design from the University of North Texas (with honors), and have a BS in Biology & Forestry from Stephen F. Austin to boot. I honed my skills at several boutique design shops & agencies before running my own design business.

Shortly after starting my design career, I joined an Army Special Operations unit so I could serve my country (and get paid to jump out of planes.) I’ve deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan, doing what I call ‘an advertising agency in combat. Those experiences have made me a more thoughtful and capable creative human being, but have also helped me realize what is truly necessary in life, and what’s not.

If you need a creative mind to help elevate your message, connect with your audience or provide a savvy outside perspective, let’s talk.